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Useful yum Commands: 18 Hits
t googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ =====Useful yum Commands===== * **yum search libstd++** - search for specific package * **yum provides libstdc++.so5** - find which package this file belongs to * **yum install libstdc++.....rpm** - install the package
Working with YUM repos: 11 Hits
ogleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ =====Working with YUM repos==== YUM repositories are collections of RPM (RedHat Package Manager) packages. The repository c... ly or remotely (accessed voa FTP, HTTP or HTTPS). YUM configuration files contain the information requi... nd software installed from it. ====Configuring a YUM Repository==== 1. Create YUM Repository configur
Checking for critical security updates - RHEL: 7 Hits
updates - RHEL===== For RHEL 6 , need to check **yum-security-plugin** is installed (for RHEL 7 it has been incorporated into yum) #rpm -qa | grep yum-plugin-security yum-plugin-security-1.1.30-14.el6.noarch Check for critical security updates #
Linux Index: 5 Hits
ebuild|Rebuilding the RPM Database]] * [[yum-repos|Working with YUM repos]] * [[satellite-adding-repos|Adding repos to RedHat Satellite]] * [[yum-security|Checking for critical security updates - RHEL]] * [[yum|Useful yum commands]] * Configuration Managem
The New Features of RedHat 7: 2 Hits
erence clocks. the package can be installed using yum in the usual way and enabled & started using syst... m going to install git [root@3b596dff0087 /]# yum install git Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, ovl
RedHat Satellite - Adding repos: 2 Hits
On the system with the newly added channel, run **yum repolist** . The new channel should be displayed and **yum search the-package** should find the package. ==