How did we get here

The age old question, how did we get here? I have no idea but I do know why I started the Unix and Storage wiki. Once upon a time there was a fresh faced unix admin. Not trusting his memory, he decided to write stuff down in a note book. You know, useful stuff, how to do stuff, unix stuff. Over the years the note book grew into a quite a wealth of information.

One day that very same unix admin started to worry. What if he lost the note book or simply left it at home and needed a procedure from it. The admin had an idea, an electronic copy and on the internet, always available and could be shared with other admins. A website was born. Amazingly you can still find a mirror of that original website at !

The admin registered the website under the name of his own company that, at the time was the company that he provided unix consultancy under, Intronet Computers. When he stopped doing that, he closed the website with the intention of relaunching under a new name. That never happened although someone took the name and still publishes most of the content of the original site.

Too many years later, that no so fresh face admin, who also did storage these days, got around to republishing the procedures as a wiki so they could not only be shared but improved upon by others.

Here it is. Have fun.