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Sun Cluster 3.0 info: 4 Hits
th **boot -r**) * **scgdevs** To register a VXVM disk group as a disk device group (execute this o... scsetup -> 3 -> 1** Or * **scconf -a -D type=vxvm,name=//dg1//,nodelist=//node1:node2//** To register a VXVM volume changes e.g. adding volumes or removing vo... ms * scsetup -> 3 -> 5 - Remove a node from a VXVM group ====Disabling a rsource in a resource grou
Veritas Voulme Manager Tips (VXVM): 4 Hits
n twitter~~ ===== Veritas Voulme Manager Tips (VXVM)===== ==== Calculating Free Space ==== To calcula... bdisks) ==== vxedit -r rm volume ==== Finding VXVM minor numbers ==== ls -IL /dev/vx/dsk/*dg/* | grep minor ==== VXVM relayout ==== vxassist -g dg-name relayout vo... tripeunit=512k ncol=2 alloc=disk1,disk2,etc ==== VXVM resize ==== vxresize -b -F vxfs -g dg-name -x
Storage and SAN Index: 4 Hits
ed software and utilties * [[solaris:vm_tips|VXVM_tips]] * [[solaris:vm_problems|Dealing with VXVM problems]] * [[solaris:vxfs_checkpoints|Using VXFS Checkpoints]] * [[solaris:vxvm_migrate|Using VXVM to migrate data]] * [[solaris:sol_san|Solaris SAN related commands]] * [[s
Performing storage migrations using VXVM: 4 Hits
ter~~ =====Performing storage migrations using VXVM===== This procedure was used for migrating data ... o thin provisioned volumes. This procedure uses a VXVM function utility to achieve this but obviously only works for VXVM volumes. The procedure works by creating a plex ... on the new array and initialise the new LUN under VXVM - Add to the appropriate diskgroup - Create
Solaris Index: 3 Hits
* [[vm_tips|Veritas Volume Manager Tips (VXVM)]] * [[vxfs_checkpoints|Using VXFS checkpoints]] * [[vxvm_migrate|Using VXVM to migrate data]] * [[sol_san|Solaris SAN related commands]] * [
Welcome!: 1 Hits
aris:solaris_index|Solaris Index]] - //jumpstart, VXVM, ZFS, ODS, troubleshooting, etc// * [[..stora