Show any alias starting with MYFS

 alishow MYFS*
  alias: MYFS01  10:00:00:00:ba:36:78:04
  alias: MYFS02  10:00:00:00:ba:39:b7:55
  alias: MYFS03  10:00:00:00:ba:37:ce:fb
  alias: MYFS04  10:00:00:00:ba:47:37:7b
  alias: MYFS05  10:00:00:00:ba:38:e3:07
  alias: MYFS06  10:00:00:00:ba:47:1c:35

Show alias MYFS05

 alishow "MYFS05"
  alias: MYFS05  10:00:00:00:c9:38:e2:06

Create new alias MYSRV01

 alicreate "MYSRV01","10:00:00:9a:fb:a4:84:fd"

Create a new zone MYSRV01_3PAR01 consisting of aliases 3PAR01 and MYSRV01

 zonecreate "MYSRV01_3PAR01","3PAR01;MYSRV01"

Add the new zone to configuration FABRIC1

 cfgadd "FABRIC1","MYSRV01_3PAR01"

Save the configuration and make it the effective one

 cfgenable FABRIC1
 cfgshow | more

Remove the zone

 cfgremove "FABRIC1","MYSRV01_3PAR01"

Delete the zone

 zonedelete "MYSRV01_3PAR01"

Delete the alias

 alidelete "MYSRV01"

The help command can be used to find out more information about any command, e.g.

help alidelete

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