raidvchkset is part of Raid Manager (HORCM) software. It can be used to expand existing LUNs. However, the server and the device must be defined in the HORCM configuration file and the LUN attached to a Host Group both locally and remotely.

First existing Remote Copy / True Copy pairs must be split using the -S option

 pairdisplay -fxc -g MYSERVER04 -d MYSERVER04_DATA_U
 pairsplit -g MYSERVER04 -d MYSERVER04_DATA_U -S
 pairdisplay -fxc -g MYSERVER04 -d MYSERVER04_DATA_U

Once the pairs are in simple (SMPL) status, they can be expanded. The -vext argument specifies the increase sive in 512 byte blocks. In this case 100GB.

 raidvchkdsp -v aoub -g MYSERVER04 -d MYSERVER04_DATA_U
 raidvchkset -g MYSERVER04 -d MYSERVER04_DATA_U -vext 209715200
 raidvchkdsp -v aoub -g MYSERVER04 -d MYSERVER04_DATA_U

raidvchkdsp should now show the expanded LUN size. Repeat the raidvchkset for the remote LDEV. Once both the local and remote have been expanded, they can be resynchronised.

 paircreate -g MYSERVER04 -d MYSERVER04_DATA_U -vl -f never -c 1

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