• aggr status - get the status of agregated
  • aggr status -r aggr-name - get the raid layout of aggregate aggr-name
  • aggr show space -g aggr-name - show space in GB of aggr-name
  • sysconfig -r - show physical disks and their membership in aggregates
  • vol status - list volumes and thair status
  • vol status volname -v - get detailed volume status

To check volume autogrow options:

  1. priv set diag
  2. printflag

Check the wafl_reclaim_theshold flags. There's 5 (_t, _s, _m, _l & _xl) representing tiny, small, medium, large and extra large volumes. The values are in hex, so for tiny it's 0x55 (85%) by default meaning the volume will grow when it's 85% full and 0x62 (98%) for xl volumes. For guidance, ting volumes are less than 20GB, XL are greater than 1TB. Values can be changed using the setflag command.


  • cifs shares - list CIFS shares
  • exportfs - list NFS exports

To find out which servers are using a NFS export:

  1. options nfs.per_client_stats.enable on
  2. vfiler run vfiler0 nfsstat -l

(Disable option after use)

cifs sessions shows the current cifs connections

  • cdpd show-neighbors - show network links to switch ports
  • cdpd show-stats - show network statistics

User and group commands

  • useradmin user list - list local users
  • useradmin user add user-name -g Administrators - create a local user called user-name and add them to Administrators group
  • useradmin domainuser list -g Administrators - list LDAP (like AD) users in Administrators group
  • cifs lookup S-1-5-21-1972100688-1454058276-1295230898-131077 - lookup AD user name from ID (as listed in previous cmd)


  • snap reserve - show space reserved for snapshots
  • snap sched vol-name - show the snapshot schedule for volume volname
  • snap list - list all snapshots
  • snap recliamable vol-name snapshot-name - list the space that would be freed by deleting the snapshot
  • snap autodelete vol-name target_free_space 10 - trigger an autodelete of volname snapshots when free space is 10% or less
  • vol options vol-name nosnap on - disable snapshots for volume vol-name


Editing snapmirror schdules:

  1. Create vol0 as a NFS r/w export to a suitable server
  2. mount vol0: mount -t nfs -o rw filer:/vol/vol0/etc /mnt
  3. cd /mnt
  4. now edit snapmirror.conf as desired and save changes
  5. unmount: cd .. ; umount /mnt

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