Updating zone config after changing a HBA

Save the configs (example uses a tftp server)

 copy startup-config tftp://ipaddress/name
 copy start run

Show current zone info (example uses vsan 3)

 show zone vsan 3
 show zone name ZONE_TO_UPDATE
 fcalias storage_alias
 fcalias hba_alias

Change alias details/zone membership (subsitute your own WWNs)

config t
fcalias name hba_alias vsan 3
member pwwn 21:00:00:e0:8b:89:e9:ff
no member pwwn 21:00:00:e0:8b:89:c9:ee
show zoneset vsan 3
zoneset name ZONE_TO_UPDATE

Activate zoneset

zoneset activate name ZONE_TO_UPDATE vsan 3
copy run start

Creating a new zone (assuming aliases already exist)

 conf t
 zoneset name my-zoneset vsan 4
 zone name my-zone
 member fcalias alias1
 member fcalias alias2

To check

 show zoneset vsan 4

To activate

 conf t 
 zoneset activate name my-zoneset vsan 4

Check activation

 show zone status

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