Useful commands for the Sun 3510

To get into 3510 interactive mode, do the following:

 cd /opt/SUNWsccs/sbin
 select device

Useful commands are as follows:

  • show lun-maps - display partitions mapped to a host WWN
  • map PARTITION_ID channel CHANNEL-NUM target TARGET-NUM lun LUN-NUM WWN/ALIAS - map a partition to a host
  • show partitions - display partitions
  • show host-wwn-name - show aliases
  • create host-wwn-name WWN NAME - create an alias
  • configure partition xyzxyv-0n SIZE - resize a partition
  • show battery-status - check the batteries
  • show battery-status -u - reset the battery in service date, e.g. after replacement

e.g. map example (CLI mode rather than interactive)

 sccli 3510c map 56CEBC23-03 0.40.2 myserver


Resetting the battery run cycle

 cd /opt/SUNWstkam/bin/
 ./sscs modify -c newdate array array-name

Where date is in the format mmddhhmmyy

Creating a virtual disk - the process (CAM)

 create hosts -> create initiators -> add hosts to host groups -> volume -> manual -> select the disk to use as a virtual disk

6120 useful commands

  • fru stat - show status of components
  • proc list - show running tasks
  • sys stat - show settings
  • vol list - list volumes
  • volslice list - list how a volume is sliced up
  • lun map list - map luns with vol slices
  • lun perm list - map luns with hosts
  • lun perm lun 3 none grp servername - remove access to lun 3 from server servername
  • port list - list port WWNs

Setting the password from the boot prompt:

 set passwd new-password
 set flags 0x40000000


The A1000 management GUI is located at /usr/lib/osa/bin/rmb

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