evaperf is the performance monitor bundled with Command View.

Setting friendly names

To get evaperf to show user friendly names, do the following:

  1. evaperf fnh server username
       where fnh sets "friendly names host"
             server is the command view server
             username is a user with access to the server (you will be prompted for the password)
  2. everperf fn - this populates fnames.conf using the credentials from step 1

Useful evaperf commands

  • evaperf as -cont 15 -dur 600 -sz EVA-name -fo out-file-name -csv - get IOPS for EVA and save in a csv format file
  • evaperf vd -sz EVA-name -fvd name1 name2 -cont 30 -dur 900 -fo out-file-name -csv - monitor specified virtual disks

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