1. For automated scripting SSH key access can be enabled. To do this:
    1. Log in via SSH to the 3PAR with the user requiring access
    2. run command setsshkey
    3. cut and paste the relevant public key

One annoying “feature” is that if you upgrade InFormOS, the keys disapear so you need to do this again. Of course, if the key does disapear, you'll need to log in using the password. If, like me, you've forgotten what it was because you've been using key access for ages, here's how to reset the password (which I didn't seem to be able to do via the Management Console).

  1. Log in with a user that you know the password for and that has the required privileges e.g. super
  2. Enter: setpassword -u the-user-with-the-unknown-password
  3. you will be prompted to enter a new password

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