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JustSomeStuff.co.uk - home of the Unix and Storage Wiki

You have arrived at the start. The start of Just Some Stuff. Here you can find out some stuff about Just Some Stuff.

And as already stated, it is also the home of the Unix and Storage Wiki previously published by Intronet Computers at the original introcomp.co.uk website.

You'll find tips and procedures on your favourite unix and unix like operating systems. We have of course Linux, Solaris, HPUX and AIX. If you fancy a trip back in time we even have IRIX, DG/UX, Tru64 and NCR Unix!.

Then we have lots of Unix related stuff like Scripting, Security and Databases. We've started a section on Virtualization although this section still needs some love and care.

But there's more! Check out our Storage & SAN section for all your Storage Area Network and disk array related thingies.

And now for something completely different, we've added a Web Development page! I don't know about you but whenever I look at web sites based around web development, they're either for beginners or talking about incomprehensible advanced techniques. Hopefully these pages are something in the middle.

Hope you find it useful and feel free to contribute!

Use the sidebar navigation to get to the section you're interested in.

BTW, we have disabled self registration for now as we were getting bored with deleting bogus users. If you have something appropriate you would like to contribute, please ask us for a user.