Calculating Free Space

To calculate the free space, the following can be used:

    vxdg free - length shown is free space in 512 byte blocks

To find out the total free space in Kb, the following awk statement could be used:

    vxdg free | awk ' $6 ~ /^[0-9]/ { result += $6 } \ END { { answer = ( result * 512) / 1024 } print answer }'

Alternatively use: vxassist maxsize

    vxassist maxsize layout=stripe - will give the maximum space available to create a stripe.

Wiping a Volume

To wipe a volume or convert a filesystem to a raw partition, do the following:

 1. vxvol stop volume
 2. vxmend fix empty volume
 3. vxvol init zero volume

Removing a Volume (and plexes and subdisks)

vxedit -r rm volume

Finding VXVM minor numbers

 ls -IL /dev/vx/dsk/*dg/* | grep minor

VXVM relayout

 vxassist -g dg-name relayout volumename layout=stripe stripeunit=512k ncol=2 alloc=disk1,disk2,etc

VXVM resize

 vxresize -b -F vxfs -g dg-name -x volumename newsize
 e.g. vxresize -g DG -F vxfs volume +25G vxdevicename

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