Here are a few useful SMS commands (to be executed from the system controller)

    * showplatform {-d domain} - show domain information
    * setkeyswitch -d domain on/off - set the virtual key switch to on or off (equivalent of powering on or off the domain)
    * console -d A - connect to the system console on the A domain
    * showfailover -r - show whether the system controller is active or spare
    * setfailover force - switch over MAIN SC ( need to do setfailover on to re-enable failover afterwards)

OBP parameters can also be set from e sysem controller, e.g.

  • showobpparams-d C - will show the OBP parameters for domain C
  • setobpparams -d C auto-boot?=false - set the value of auto-boot?

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