In this example, mirrored metadevice d70 on mountpoint /u02 needs to be increased in size.

 1. Use the format command to create two slices (on different disks) the size
    of the increase required. (see formatting_disks for details on how to
    format a disk).
 2. metastat d70 - note the metadevices that make up the mirror (in our case
    this will be d71 and d72)
 3. metattach d71 c0t0d0s4
 4. metattach d72 c0t1d0s4 (assuming c0t0d0s4 and c0t1d0s4 were the slices we
    created earlier)
 5. growfs -M /u02 /dev/md/rdsk/d70 - to grow the filesystem.

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