• setfacl - to add,delete or modify ACL
  • getfacl - display ACL info


    setfacl -s user::rw-,group::r--,other:---,mask:rw-,user:fred:rw- file1

  will give the owner rw, group read and others nothing except user fred who also
  has rw access. No one can exceed rw perms (defined by mask)

    getfacl file1** - shows current ACL

    setfacl -m user:george:6 file1

  will allow user george rw to file1 in addition to current permissions (N.B overwrites existing ACL)

    setfacl -d user:fred:rw- file1 will remove special permissions for user fred

The ls -l command will display if an ACL is set as the output will appear as follows:

   -rwxr-----+ 1 root sysadmin datestuff... file1

Note:equivalent commands of HP are chacl and lsacl . However, currently it is not supported with vxfs filesystems

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