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Some useful awk scripts: 4 Hits
ical/ { print var","$2","$3","$4 }' </code> ===== sed examples ===== To print lines 10 15 <code> sed -n '10,15p' file </code> To insert a line after match <... (useful if output is split over 2 lines) <code> sed 'N;s/\n/ /' </code> To delete all lines from the ... h the matched string to the end of a file <code> sed '/pattern to match/,$ d' </code> <alert type="
Unix Scripting Index: 2 Hits
===== Unix Scripting Index ===== * [[awk_sed_scripts|Awk and sed]] * [[concat_vars|concatenating variables]] * [[csh_stdin|Using STDIN with
Running a Glype Proxy in Docker: 1 Hits
hp-xml openssl mod_ssl && dnf -y clean all sed -i.orig 's/#ServerName/ServerName/' /etc/httpd/co
Automating AWS builds with cloud-init: 1 Hits && sed -i -e 's/\. ${POST_RUN}/\# \. ${POST_RUN}/' sate
Using the shell eval command: 1 Hits
s you need to use some other program (e.g. awk or sed) to split the combined result into separate parts
Welcome!: 1 Hits
ipting:scripting_index|Scripting Index]] - //Awk, sed, perl, shell// * [[|S
Rebuilding a corrupt RPM database: 1 Hits
ME}'\n'` do FILEMISSING=`rpm -V $i | sed s/"missing "//g | grep "^/" -c` if [ $F