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===== Storage and SAN Index ===== * SAN * [[brocade_addressing|Brocade 24 BIT addressing]] * [[bna_fw|DCFM/BNA a... t_types|Switch Port Types]] * [[mds|Cisco MDS SAN switches]] * [[mds_zoning|Using the CLI to zo... Using VXVM to migrate data]] * [[solaris:sol_san|Solaris SAN related commands]] * [[solaris:z
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Version : 10.2.477.10 ===Adding new SAN disks=== ==To scan for new disk devices== If there are no SAN disk already, reloading the HBA module will cause... fc** - **modprobe lpfc** If there are already SAN disk devices present, run: * **echo "- - -" >
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googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ =====Solaris SAN related commands===== ==== Checking HBA Driver I... **modinfo | grep qlc** (for qlogic) ==== Showing SAN connected LUNs ==== * **cfgadm -al -o show_FC_dev** - list SAN sevices * **luxadm probe** - show Fibre Chann
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te|Using VXVM to migrate data]] * [[sol_san|Solaris SAN related commands]] * [[zfs|ZFS tips]] * Miscellaneous * [[apache_sol
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n reddit googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ =====SAN switch port types===== * **N** - Fabric port
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oogleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ =====Cisco MDS SAN switches===== ====VSANs==== These range from 1-
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, etc// * [[|Storage & SAN Index]] - //Brocade, Cisco MDS, HDS USP-V, HP EVA
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eck out our **[[|Storage & SAN]]** section for all your Storage Area Network and
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nux/Unix Administration and troubleshooting * SAN consultancy See our [[examples|examples page]] f
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Solaris]] * [[storage:storage_index|Storage & SAN]] * [[virtualization:virtualization_index|Vir