NCR Unix is similiar to Solaris

  • machinetype - gives type of machine
  • /etc/.relid - contains release information
  • /var/netls/nodelock - contains licence information


To get into the firmware level, interupt autoload message by hitting space, enter SUS

Kernel Gen

  • /etc/conf/pack.d - contains drivers
  • /etc/conf/cf.d - contains configuration files
  • /etc/conf/bin/idbuild - builds kernel then copies it into /stand/unix
  • /etc/conf/mdevice - major numbers for devices (minor number points to the actual devices)
  • /usr/sadm/sysadm/bin/nodes -d /dev/dsk/device gives major and minor numbers (with -m major_number minor_number gives device)

If you add a new device, you will need to add the driver to the kernel and reboot (doesn't auto-detect) The boot process is as follows:

 BIOS loads firmware (SUS)  
 SUS loads kernel 
 kernel mounts root  
 once mounted init is started which reads /etc/inittab

Init levels are as follows:

  • 0 - power off
  • S - admin (only / mounted)
  • 1 - single user mode (filesystems mounted)
  • 2 - multi user mode
  • 3 - X and NFS started

Startup scripts run from /etc/rcX.d

Disk Configuration

  • fdisk - partition a disk
  • dklayout - boot block, vtoc, etc
  • cdvtoc - slice
  • mkfs - setting up filesystems
  • cpio - backup utility often used

Other Info

  • sar - used for performance monitoring
  • prtconf memsize - gives memory size
  • volmgr - used for disk management
  • /etc/dktab - disk info
  • sysadm - character based admin tool
  • osa - GUI based admin tool with spooler and scheduler

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