• rpm - performance monitor
  • admpdisk - list disk details e.g.
admpdisk -o list -p 'all' > /tmp/disk_list

Creating Virtual Disks

 1. from sysadm select device->disk->virtual->create
 2. At the follwing prompts respond as follows:
        o diskname - virtual disk name e.g. opt_data_database1
        o striped- no or yes
        o create file system- yes
        o select space by- enter ? for options, normally choose option 2 so
          you can select a disk
        o disk partition from- enter ? for a list of disks then enter
          appropriate number
        o length of piece- size in 512 byte blocks
        o sterting block- default
        o specify another piece- no
 3. Once virtual disk has been created, in sysadm select filesystem->local
    filesystem->add and enter name, etc to add filesystem to fstab, create
    mount point and mount

Setting Up a Printer

In this example a remote printer is set up

 1. Select sysadm->Device->Printer->Device->Add
 2. At the prompts reply:
        o name- name you want to call it
        o type- for options enter ?, for remote choose lpNet to lpd
        o quickadd- no
        o printertype- ? choose appropriate option
        o remotehost- server name (must be in hosts table)
        o name- name of remote queue
        o users- all
        o forms- all
        o enable- yes
        o accept- yes
        o description- appropriate description

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