/etc/sysconfigtab contains settings for kernel modules that can be dynamically reconfigured (i.e. reloaded into the kernel without a reboot). To list the entries use: sysconfigdb -l stanza e.g.

sysconfigdb -l socket

(omitting stanza causes the whole file to be listed)

sysconfigdb also needs to be used to alter the contents of the file. e.g. to change the sominconn parameter:

 1. Create a file with the stanza you want to add/update e.g. > socket: sominconn=1024
 2. sysconfigdb -a -f /filename socket
 3. sysconfigdb -l socket

These changes won't take affect until a reboot. To perform a dynamic change, use the sysconfig command. e.g.

  • sysconfig -r socket sominconn=1024
  • sysconfig -q socket (to check change was applied OK)

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