• mkfdmn volume_name domain_name - create a file domain
  • /etc/fdmns - contains a subdirectory for each file domain. Each subdirectory contains synbolic links to each volume
  • showfdmn - remove a domain
  • mkfset domain_name fileset_name - create fileset e.g.
mkfset domain1 fileset1
mount -t advfs domain1#fileset1 /dir1

entry in fstab would be:

domain1#fileset1 /dir1 advfs rq,usequota,groupquota
  • showfsets fileset_name - display info about a fileset
  • rmfset - remove fileset
  • clonefset - create a clone fileset for backup purposes (If a file in the original fileset is changed, the data is copied into the clone fileset first so the clone maintains an unchanged snapshot of the fileset) e.g.
mkdir /mnt/fileset1_clone
clonefset domain1 fileset1 fileset1_clone
mount -t advfs domain1#fileset1_clone /tmp_mnt/clone1
vdump /tmp_mnt/clone1
umount /tmp_mnt/clone1
rmfset domain1 fileset1_clone

Examples of using AdvFS with LSM

500Mb, mirrored

 1. volassist -U fsgen make v2_mirror 500m nmirror=2
 2. mkfdmn /dev/vol/rootdg/v2_mirror domain1
 3. mkfset domain1 fset_1
 4. mount domain1#fset_1 /dir1

1Gb domain, 2vols

 1. volassist make vol01 500m
 2. volassist make vol02 500m
 3. mkfdmn /dev/vol/vol01 onegb_domain
 4. addvol /dev/vol/vol02 onegb_domain
 5. mkfset onegb_domain onegb_fset
 6. mount onegb_domain#onegb_fset /dir1

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