1. Information about reverse DNS is in the RIPE database (www.ripe.net)
 2. To query information about reverse DNS use:
       1. nslookup
       2. server servername
       3. ls -d nameserver e.g. ls -d 65.188-IN-ADDR.ARPA
 3. to update database
       1. mail auto-dbm@ripe.net
       2. copy and paste entry from database and amend entries as required
       3. send. Database is updated in a few minutes so check again then
 4. Then mail auto-inadd@ripe.net copy and pastingthe database entry and then
    a line for each IP address range for each name server.

Changing a primary reverse DNS record to a secondary (primary moving)

 1. On secondary nameserver edit the reverse DNS record in named.boot to
    point to the new primary name server
 2. removethe file from the database directory (as specified in named.boot)
 3. Restart the named daemon
 4. On the primary nameserver, change the record in named.boot from a primary
    to a secondary, pointing it to the new primary server
 5. remove the domain entry
 6. restart named

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