Adding a new map

After creating the new map:

 1. In the NIS home directory update Makefile adding the necessary entries for the new map
 2. Update the ypinitscript
 3. update the ypmakescript
 4. run ypmake mapname

Adding a new slave server

 1. Issue command domainname to find out the domain name
 2. cd yp/domainname
 3. makedbm -u ypservers > tempfile
 4. edit tempfile to add the new server
 5. enter makedbm tempfile ypservers to update configuration file

Then on the slave server

 1. Set NIS_DOMAIN variable to correct domain name, NIS_SLAVE_SERVER and NIS_CLIENT
 2. ypinit -s NIS_server_name
 3. run NIS startup script to start ypserv daemon

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