news processes

  • /var/news/etc/iind - news server process, controls the flow of news, access, etc. Listens on port 119.
  • in.nnrpd - news reader, 1 per client
  • nntplink - newsfeed sender process

config files

  • hosts.nntp - defines new servers (newsfeeds)
  • nnrp.access - authorisation file, determines who has news reader access.
  • newsfeeds - outgoing news. Lists what is sent out, name, etc.

N.B. Most newsfeeds sent via nntplink but can also be scheduled using nntpsend

Other files

  • /var/news/out.going - what is currently getting sent out. normally ther should only be a link file which is a housekeeping file with stats in. if a backlog file with pid tag is present, data is still waiting to be sent.
  • /var/news/active - list of groups acceptable on the server. Use ctlinnd newsgroup groupname to update. news groups are automatically added to the active file
  • /var/news/history - records articles that have been on the system or are currently on the system

Usually a script will run in cron to check the groups to see which articles are about expire , using the expire.ctl file for the rentention information (the default is 14 days).

Shutting down the news server

 1. sign on with the news user id
 2. enter ctlinnd shutdown reason

To stop a news feed

1. signed in as the news user enter: ctlinnd drop hostname
2. check it has stopped with ps -ef|grep nntplink
3. cd /var/news/out.going (contains backlogs)
4. to remove backlog, remove files associated with user
5.  restart newsfeed by entering ctlinnd begin site

Adding a new newsgroup

The active file contains current newsgrouos and is in /var/news . To make a new one available up date this file

Problems with news feeds

1. check hosts.nntp to ensure hostname feed is going to is defined
2. can check with telnet e.g. telnet 119
3. check syslog for error messages

moderated news group procedures

/var/news/moderators controls who the modifier is.

1. from approved workstation with approved user, read the mail
2. For any awaiting approval, one at a time (i.e. follow the whole procedure for one
   before doing the next one), drag and drop into the approve folder
3. execute /usr/local/bin/approve_news
4. check they appear in newsgroup

To cancel an article

1. Display news article with all messages on
2. vi path/nsmail/Cancel
3. cut Message-ID from news article header and paste it into the Control: line after the cancel
4. cat path/nsmail/Cancel | /var/news/inews -h

Note:Must be same user who posted the article

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