1. cd $PGPPATH (e.g. /usr/local/bin/pgp/src)
 2. vi domainname e.g. vi in2nix.com
 3. cut and paste mail example between PGP start and finish
 4. ./pgp -sta filename key
 5. cut and paste file created into mail
 6. mail to applications@nic.uk with subject of keyDomain request

Note: domain should be set up on a name server first

Modifying a Domain Registration

 1. As with registration, vi file_domain_name
 2. cut and paste template into file
 3. edit so that the first field is key then the only othe lines are the
    lines that need modifying
 4. run pgp -sta filename key
 5. cut and paste resulting file into mail and mail to auto-co@nic.uk ,
    subject Modify.

Transferring from another provider

 1. setup on both the primary and secondary name server specifying them as
 2. once authority given, update the nic.uk record using Modify (see above)
 3. change primary ns so it becomes the primary
 4. notify previous provider that this has been done

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