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Useful Linux Storage stuff: 2 Hits
* where //n// is the HBA number. ===Setting up Multipathing=== - Update **/etc/multipath.conf** using the... ion) - **chkconfig multipathd on** - to ensure multipathing starts on a reboot - **multipath -l** - to sho
Solaris SAN related commands: 1 Hits
/dev/rdsk///device//** - show device details and multipathing * **fcinfo hba-port -l** - list HBAs <al
Configuring IP Multipathing: 1 Hits
lus stumbleupon twitter~~ ===== Configuring IP Multipathing ===== 1. Ensure each network card has a unique
Solaris Index: 1 Hits
ed|Changing the NIC speed]] * [[ipmp|IP Multipathing]] * [[nafo|NAFO]] * [[network