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Solaris Paging and Memory Management: 36 Hits
stumbleupon twitter~~ ===== Solaris Paging and Memory Management ===== ==== Traditional Paging - LRU Al... thm to select pages eligble for paging. Levels of memory utilisation are set, below which, a scanner progr... / O , a lot of the filesystem pages are cached in memory. This can cause the available memory to fall below lotsfree which can lead to application pages getting p
Memory Management - HP-UX: 21 Hits
reddit googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ ===== Memory Management - HP-UX ===== ==== Definitions ==== * **Physical memory** - RAM (Random Access Memory) * **ROM/EPROM** - Fixed memory (read at boot time) * **Available memory** - Physical memory minu
Dynamic Reconfiguration on Sun F15K: 12 Hits
nfigure operation on system boards with permanent memory ,(i.e. memory that can't be paged out, e.g. kernel or PROM memory), the OS has to be briefly paused while this memory is transferred to another board (this process is know
Clearing a fault message - Oracle ODA: 7 Hits
---- Suspect 1 of 1 Fault class : Certainty : 100% Aff... escription : Multiple correctable ECC errors on a memory DIMM have been detected. Response : The affected page(s) of memory associated with the faulty memory module maybe immediately retired by the operating
Kernel Parameters: 7 Hits
ap contains entries for each area of free virtual memory. If virtual memory is fragmented into many small chunks, there can be so many entries in rmap that an ove... parameter can also decrease the amount of virtual memory fragmentation that occurs. ==== Buffer Cache ==== This is the area of memory used by programs when writing to disk. Programs w
Solaris Index: 6 Hits
* [[open_boot|Open Boot]] * [[sol_memory|Paging and monitoring memory]] * [[sol_srm|Solaris Resource Manager]] * [[saf|Solaris... tting up RBAC]] * Troubleshooting * [[memory_leak|Detecting Memory Leaks]] * [[live_dump|Taking a live dump]] * [[patch_admin|Patc
Showing memory utilisation: 5 Hits
googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ =====Showing memory utilisation==== To find out the amount of physical memory: dmidecode -t 17 | grep "Size.*MB" To check memory utilisation: free -m This will show the **real** memory utilsation for a Linux server (i.e. without the d
Sybase basics: 4 Hits
rt. If you do this, may need to delete the shared memory files ($SYBASE/SERVER_NAME.krg and SERVER_NAME.srg0) . You may also need to flush shared memory, e.g. for HP-UX, ipcs -mp | grep sybase , then us... all/backup.log ==== Kernel Parameters ==== Shared memory * SHMMAX - normally a very high value * S... d absolute I/O throughputs * vmstat - virtual memory usage * netstat - network status * ps - a
Commands to investigate Solaris memory issues: 4 Hits
twitter~~ =====Commands to investigate Solaris memory issues===== sar -g 5 5 vmstat -S 3 Check ... prstat -a -s rss Shows top processes in order of memory consumption vmstat 3 Check the **sr** column... (scan rate), if there's lots of scanning there's memory issues echo "::memstat" | mdb -k Shows kernel memory use kstat -m zfs Check ZFS arc cache usage
Checking for Memory Leaks: 3 Hits
eplus stumbleupon twitter~~ ===== Checking for Memory Leaks ===== An easy way to check for memory leaks in Solaris is to run command /usr/ucb/ps axl . Check th... time, getting quite large, it indicates there's a memory leak. <alert type="warning" icon="fa fa-questi
HP-UX Index: 2 Hits
rnel_parameters|Kernel Parameters]] * [[memory_management|Memory Management]] * Logical Volume Manager * [[dump_area|Changing the dump are
Linux Index: 2 Hits
eful linux printing commands]] * [[linux_memory_use|Checking memory utilisation]] * [[lib|Linux binaries and libraries]] * [[redhat7|Th
Initramfs, initrd and kdump: 2 Hits
kernel at boot time, a cpio archive is read into memory via tmpfs rather than containing a filesystem li... as the dump-capture kernel and using it to save a memory dump. The dump can then be analysed to determine
Sendmail Basics: 2 Hits
e. Firstly, when sendmail was originally written, memory was very expensive and very small. The short tags were used to save space in memory. Also adding to the complexity is that sendmail h
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