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HP-UX Index: 8 Hits
ea]] * [[disk_stripe|Disk striping with LVM]] * [[lvm_filesystem|Creating LVM Filesystem]] * [[lvm_problems|dealing with LVM problems]] * [[mirror_disk|Mirrorin
Mirroring Linux Disks (LVM and mdadm): 6 Hits
mbleupon twitter~~ =====Mirroring Linux Disks (LVM and mdadm)===== I recently had to rebuild my HP ... the server (Linux Mint distribution) using the **LVM option**. This creates / and swap as LVM devices but /boot is a standard partition due to the limitations of booting from LVM. The server was built on disk /dev/sda . /dev/sd
The New Features of RedHat 7: 5 Hits
red static device nodes for the current kernel lvm2-lvmetad.service loaded active running LVM2 metadata daemon lvm2-monitor.service loaded active exited Monitoring of LVM2 mirrors, snapshots etc. using dmeventd or progre
Linux Index: 5 Hits
e|Useful linux storage stuff]] * [[linux_lvm|Linux LVM Tips]] * [[linux_mirror|Mirroring disks - LVM & mdadm]] * [[linux_resize_lun|Resize a Linux LUN (LVM)]] * [[disk-space|Finding deleted files
Linux LVM Tips: 3 Hits
it googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ =====Linux LVM Tips===== Resize a partition - **lvextend --... vol-name//** - create the filesystem Importing a LVM Volume - **vgscan** - make sure the volume gr... the volume group my-vg - **ls /dev/mapper** - LVM devices in the volume group should now be present
Booting into maintenance mode: 3 Hits
hpux -lm (;0)/safe/vmunix In maintenance mode, LVM is not active. It is intended to be used to fix problems or make changes to the LVM subsystem. HP advise against booting into multi u... an't boot normally, this indicates a problem with LVM , for instance, the lvlnboot may have become corr
Moving LVM disk: 3 Hits
googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ ===== Moving LVM disk ===== 1. Backup data and lvm configuration (vgcfgbackup) 2. vgchange -a n /dev/vg_name to d... _name to reactivate volume group 8. backup the LVM configuration again ==== Moving a disk to a diffe
Resizing swap - smaller: 2 Hits
rticle describing how to mirror your disks using LVM and mdadm. When it came to mirroring the swap log... sk). 1. Create a new swap partition (I was using LVM and had space in my volume group from the mirror
Welcome!: 2 Hits
* [[..hpux:hpux_index|HPUX Index]] - //kernel, LVM, security, troubleshooting, etc// * [[..linux:linux_index|Linux Index]] - //LVM, KVM, storage, memory, etc// * [[..networking
Storage and SAN Index: 2 Hits
Useful Linux storage stuff]] * [[linux:linux_lvm|Linux LVM tips]] * [[general:iostat|Useful iostat options]] * [[iometer|Notes for using iome
Recovering from grub issues: 2 Hits
article describing how to mirror your disks using LVM and mdadm. While I was testing booting off each m... ndard partitions due to the fact I was using both LVM and mdadm. However, it just requires a couple of
Disk striping with LVM: 2 Hits
stumbleupon twitter~~ ===== Disk striping with LVM ===== Disk striping with LVM is a way of creating a logical volume on multiple disks,e.g.a 3 way strip
Logical Volume Manager: 1 Hits
mountpoint of the logical volume ==== Some useful LVM commands ==== * lspv - list all disks on the
Other Unix flavours - Index: 1 Hits
x_clone|AIX: Cloning a server]] * [[aix_lvm|AIX: Logical Volume Manager]] * [[aix_m
Expanding LUNs under Linux (LVM): 1 Hits
Mirroring the root disk with LVM: 1 Hits
Mirroring disks with LVM: 1 Hits
Dealing with LVM problems: 1 Hits