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Creating a new filesystem from scratch: 2 Hits
me /dev/dsk/device /dev/dsk/device2 etc ... 7. lvcreate -L size -n name /dev/vg_name 8. newfs -F vxfs ... and. Option -C y and -r n should be used with the lvcreate command. <alert type="warning" icon="fa fa-qu
Disk striping with LVM: 2 Hits
volume is created using the -i and -I options of lvcreate e.g. lvcreate -i 3 -I 32 -L 240 -n lvol1 /dev/vg01 This will stripe across 3 disks (-i 3) with a stripe
Linux LVM Tips: 1 Hits
use all available space in a volume group - **lvcreate -n //vol-name// -L 1m /dev///vg-name//** - create
Resizing swap - smaller: 1 Hits
pace in my volume group from the mirror disk) lvcreate -L 7.5G -n swap_2 mint-vg lvdisplay -v /dev/mi
Setting up swap: 1 Hits
e (so one doesn't run out before the other) 1. lvcreate -C y -L size -r n -n name /dev/vg_name 2. swap