Adding a channel from a 3rd Party Repo

1. Channels > Manage Software Channels > Create new channel

Required fields are:
  Channel Name: A descriptive name
  Channel Label: A label for the channel (can be the same as the name)
  Parent Channel: The channel you want the new channel to be linked with, usually the main RedHat release channel
  Channel Summary: A brief description
  Channel Description: (optional) a more detailed description
Click create

2. Manage Software Channels > select teh new channel > Repositories tab > Manage Repositories > create new repository

 Repository Label: a meaningful label
 Repositoruy URL: the path to te 3rd part repo, e.g. https:/

3. Once created, click sync then check packages. The package(s) should be listed. If no package is listed, tou can troubleshoot as follows:

 a. Log into the satellite server
 b. run: spacewalk-repo-sync -c channel-name -u URL-to-repo
 c. If there's an error, tehe output from the command will indicate the problem

Adding a channel from a local repo

1. cd to the local repo, e.g. cd /admin/software/repos
2. Create a directory for the new repo, eg. mkdir grafana
3. cd grafana
4. copy the rpm to this directory
5. createrepo --database `pwd`
6. create channel as above
7. When creating the repo, point to the repository juts created on the satellite server, e.g.
8. sync as before

Using the new channel

To use a new channel, it will need to be added to any systems requiring it, systems > select the system > Alter Channel Subscription

On the system with the newly added channel, run yum repolist . The new channel should be displayed and yum search the-package should find the package.

Updating a local repo

If you need to update a local repo, e.g. a new version of the package:

1. cd to the repp
2. copy the new version of the package into the repo
3. createrepo --update `pwd`

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