hponcfg allows you to change ILO settings from the server OS (linux in this example). The following rpm must be installed, hponcfg (available from HPE and on SPPs)

Complete ILO configuration can be captured by running the following on the server:

 /sbin/hponcfg -w /var/tmp/ilo.out 

This writes out the ILO configuration in XML format to file /var/tmp/ilo.out. You can edit this file to make the required changes then upload it back to the ILO as follows:

 /sbin/hponcfg -f /var/tmp/ilo.out

Unknown ILO password

To change the ILO password using hponcfg, create a XML file (reset_ilo_passwd.xml in this example) as follows:

 <LOGIN USER_LOGIN="Administrator" PASSWORD="unknown">
 <USER_INFO MODE="write">
 <MOD_USER USER_LOGIN="Administrator">
 <PASSWORD value="apassword"/>

This will change the Administrator password to apassword. Update the ILO as follows:

 /sbin/hponcfg -f reset_ilo_passwd.xml -l /var/tmp/hponcfg_log.txt

You can check the log file /var/tmp/hponcfg_log.txt for successful completion

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