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Useful iostat options: 5 Hits
t googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ =====Useful iostat options===== * **iostat -xn //disk1 disk2// 5 5** - will give extended output (-x) using the disk de... disk1//, every 5 seconds for 5 iterations * **iostat -xnc** - includes CPU stats (user, system, wait & idle) * **iostat -xp** - will include partitions * **iostat -E
Storage and SAN Index: 2 Hits
linux:linux_lvm|Linux LVM tips]] * [[general:iostat|Useful iostat options]] * [[iometer|Notes for using iometer]] Note: Most of the HDS USP-V procedure
General Unix Index: 2 Hits
* [[read_tape_label|Reading tape labels]] * [[iostat|Useful iostat options]] * [[at|The at command]] * [[cron_tricks|Useful cron tricks]] * [[show