These procedures assume the physical setting up of the nodes has already been completed, e.g. disks connected to all the required nodes.

 1. Set up /etc/cmcluster/cmclnodelist to include nodes in cluster
 2. Check kernel parameters on nodes are consistent
 3. Check users and groups have the same uids/gids
 4. Enable NTP
 5. Check active NICs have ipaddress associated with them (netconf) and
    standby NICs don't.
 6. Install Service Guard from cd
 7. Comment out Service Guard controlled VGs from /etc/fstab
 8. Copy volume groups to nodes as required using vgexport/vgimport
 9. Update /etc/lvmpvg if used
10. Edit /etc/lvmrc so Service Guard controlled VGs aren't auto activated
    (this shouldn't include root VG)
11. Create cluster config file using cmquerycl
12. Edit file created as required
13. Check file using cmcheckconf
14. Create package config file using cmmakepkg
15. Edit as required
16. Create package control script using cmmakepkg
17. Customise script as required
18. Copy control script to other nodes
19. Check package config file with cmcheckconf
20. Compile and distribute using cmapplyconf
21. Relocatable ipaddresses must be defined in DNS or /etc/hosts
22. Check cluster with cmruncl, cmviewcl and cmhaltcl
23. Edit /etc/rc.config.d/cmcluster so it auto starts
24. Start with cmruncl command

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