• /etc/cmcluster/cluster_config.ascii - cluster configuration file. Edit then compile. It controls the cluster name, cluster lock volume, nodes (and their ipaddresses) in the cluster and volume groups controlled by cluster.
  • /etc/cmcluster/package_name/package_config.ascii - package configuration file. Edit then compile. Controls the package name, the primary and adoptive nodes and the control script to be used.
  • /etc/cmcluster/package_name/package.cntl - package control script. The actual script that activates the volume groups and starts (and stops) the software. For SAP installations the following config files also exist:
  • /etc/cmcluster/package_name/sapdbci.cntl - SAP control script which is called from the package control script. Do not edit.
  • /etc/cmcluster/sap.functions - called from sapdbci.cntl . Do not edit.
  • /etc/cmcluster/customer.functions - called from sapdbci.cntl. Can edit to include site specific SAP functions.
  • /etc/cmcluster/package_name/sap.conf - SAP configuration file used by sapdbci.cntl. Edit to include appropriate SAP values.

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