SD/UX Corrupt Index

A list of what products are installed under HP-UX is kept in /var/adm/sw/products/INDEX</b> . If this gets corrupted, SD/UX errors occur and it may become unusable. The INDEX can be recreated as follows:

1. mv /var/adm/sw/products/INDEX /var/adm/sw/products/INDEX.old
2. cd /var/adm/sw/products
3. for i in `find . -name INDEX`
   cat $i >> INDEX

This should create a usable INDEX

A list of depots is kept in /var/adm/sw/host_object

An alternative method (sent in by Charlie Brown and tested against HP-UX 11.00) follows. This method involves creating a dummy package, moving the INDEX file and installing the dummy package so that the INDEX is rebuilt.

  1. cd /var/adm/sw/products/INDEX
  2. Create a package called "void" using swpackage -s ./void.psf
      The void.psf file must contain the following lines:

      tag void
      tag void

  3. mv INDEX INDEX.old
  4. swinstall void - This will cause the INDEX file to be rebuilt as it is missing.
  5. swremove void

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