1. cd /etc/conf/gen
 2. cp S800 S800.bckup
 3. edit S800 as required
 4. /etc/uxgen S800
 5. cp /hp-ux /SYSBCKUP
 6. cd /etc/conf/S800
 7. mv hp-ux /hp-ux
 8. reboot

Note:If reboot fails, can backout by rebooting again and at ISL prompt, enter: hpux disc1(x.y.z;s)/SYSBCKUP . (where x.y.z is the hardware path of the system disk and s is the section number of the root file system). before rebooting, should note down the following:

  • Device driver name for system disk (e.g. disc1 for HP-PB)
  • Hardware path to system disk (e.g. 52.6.6)
  • Section number of root file system (usually 4)
  • name of backup kernel (by convention /SYSBCKUP)

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