1. Update licence by editing /var/opt/ifor/nodelock
 2. Update tape device to be used for restore
       1. omnidownload -device dev_name > /tmp/dev_name
       2. vi /tmp/dev_name updating as required e.g. device file
       3. omniupload -modify dev_name -file /tmp/dev_name
 3. Insert tape into device and get session details via:
    omnilist -device dev_name -monitor
 4. Note the following: Medium ID, label, diskagent ID and object name.
 5. Restore into temporary area:
    omnir -omnidb object_name label -medium medium_ID -id diskagent_id -
    device device_name -into /target_file
    e.g. omnir -omnidb frog.in2nix.com:/ ob_ov_10 -medium 9if5aed0:327504d7:
    2758:001 -id 920617480 -device dlt_1 -into /var/tmp/omnitmp
 6. Copy from temporary area into database (stopping omniback first), e.g.
       1. /opt/omni/sbin/omnisv.sh stop
       2. cd /var/tmp/omnitmp/var/opt/omni/db
       3. cp -r * /var/opt/omni/db
       4. cd /var/tmp/omnitmp/etc/opt/omni
       5. cp -r * /etc/opt/omni
       6. omnisv.sh start

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