1. The server must have an entry for the client in /etc/hosts and the client
    an entry for the server
 2. start xomni and select install
 3. click on edit > install unix host
 4. click on add, enter hostname in the filter box, click add > close
 5. From the install modules select disk agent , media agent and run in
    verbose mode
 6. click OK and the install will take place. The result can be tested by
    entering telnet hostname 5555 - should get back a response from omniback.

To de-install the agents, use the export option under edit


To add a device:

 1. Select drives and media
 2. Select edit > create
 3. Select the appropriate category, usually standalone
 4. enter the device name (any name you fancy), description, select type by
    clicking the required button, hostname the device is attached to, a pool
    name (either an existing pool or a new one), then click on add and select
    the device file from those listed.
 5. The advanced options can be changed if desired.
 6. click OK to add the device.

Media Management:

 1. Again in the drives and media menu, click on pool
 2. To modify the pool attributes, select modify
 3. To add a tape, select management > init
 4. Select autolabel, add the location and pick the drive the tape is in
    (force initialisation may need to be specified)
 5. Click OK to initialise tape


Adding a new backup:

 1. Click on the backup option and click on actions
 2. Select generate a data list
 3. select the host(s) required
 4. click on filesystems required
 5. Selecy host backup and choose a name
 6. backup can then be run by selecting actions > backup selected > actions >
    start backup (or preview backup to check)
 7. scheduled by clicking change schedules then selecting dates & times
 8. To modify lists, select edit > modify
 9. can then select options and change both the session and default as

To check backups:

 1. select monitor
 2. select sessions required and list
 3. Details can be seen by clicking on an item in the list

Info on tapes can be found by going into Media & Devices and checking on the pools Info on the tapes used can be found by selecting media for session in Backup monitor or media management, click on the pool, click edit > info

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