1. Select Actions > Configure Messages > Logfiles (if log file or other
    appropriate option if not).
 2. Add logfile
 3. Complete template name, Description, Logfile and click close after read >
 4. Highlight the new template and click conditions
 5. Add complete Description and Message text plus any other fields required
    (Note: node is normally left blank) > OK
 6. Close conditions and Message Source templates
 7. Actions > Agents > Assign templates
 8. Add >. highlight target node on node bank click > Get Map Selectionclick
    >Add >select new template > OK > OK
 9. Actions > Agents > Install/Update SW+Config
10. Click Templates > Get Map Selections > OK
11. Check Message Browser for target node. Message should appear
    "opcdista The following configuration information was successfully ......"

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