1. Non-volatile RAM is read
 2. This initiates the boot program stored in the LIF area
 3. This initiates the kernel which reads the BDRA for info on logical
    volumes required for the initial load and the location of swap and dump
 4. the kernel starts the init process which reads inittab which contains
    programs and scripts to start the Unix environment

Notes:The LIF area is an area of disk made up as a special format volume. It contains a directory of contents and a set utilities, such as ISL and HPUX. To most Unix utilities it looks like a file containing some unspecified data. However, using the lif utilities, various operations can be performed on the LIF area. (man lif for details).

Executing pvcreate -B reserves an area of disk known as the BDRA (Boot Disk Reserved Area)which will hold the LIF area and information about the location of logical volumes and swap area the kernel needs to load. The LIF utilities are loaded using mkboot. lvlnboot updates the BDRA of bootable volumes in the volume group with information about the boot disk and root,swap and dump logical volumes

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