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Rebuilding kernel with HP-UX 9: 5 Hits
bleupon twitter~~ ===== Rebuilding kernel with HP-UX 9 ===== 1. cd /etc/conf/gen 2. cp S800 S... S800 as required 4. /etc/uxgen S800 5. cp /hp-ux /SYSBCKUP 6. cd /etc/conf/S800 7. mv hp-ux /hp-ux 8. reboot Note:If reboot fails, can backout by rebooting again and at ISL prompt, enter:
Storage and SAN Index: 5 Hits
- Expanding LUNs with raidvchkset]] * [[eva|HP EVA - creating a replicated LUN]] * [[evaperf|HP evaperf tips]] * [[3par-users|HP 3PAR - user access]] * [[3par-failover|HP 3PAR performing a remote copy failover using the CLI]]
Changing the dump area: 5 Hits
tter~~ ===== Changing the dump area ===== ==== HP-UX 10.X ==== 1. Create LV using lvcreatewith "... crash has to be at least the size of memory. ==== HP-UX 11.X ==== The lvlnboot method as detailed above can still be used with HP-UX 11. However, a new command **crashconf** can b... by configuring /etc/rc.config.d/crashconf Under HP-UX 11, what information is saved in the dump is c
Assigning two IP addresses to one card: 4 Hits
Assigning two IP addresses to one card ===== ==== HP-UX 10.x ==== 1. Use /usr/contrib/bin/ifalias command (available for HP-UX 10.x from patch PHNE_12492) 2. If the... n using ifalias for a different subnet ==== HP-UX 11.x ==== With HP-UX 11, ifalias has been dropped and the functionality included in the ifconfig c
Setting up HPE System Manager on Linux: 4 Hits
1914-1896.x86_64 hpsum-7.2.1-6.rhel6.x86_64 hp-snmp-agents-10.20-2789.26.rhel6.x86_64 hp-ams-2.2.0-1688.44.rhel6.x86_64 hp-smh-templates-10.2.0-1429.26.noarch hp-health-10.20-1723.28.rhel6.x86_64 (versions vary) Set up
HP-UX Index: 3 Hits
===== HP-UX Index ===== * Hardware related * [[disk_names|Disk device names]] ... [[fbackup_rc|fbackup return codes]] * [[HP_boot|HP boot up]] * [[online_jfs|Online JFS]] * [[single_user|Single User mode]]
Kernel Parameters: 2 Hits
s a percentage of the total memory available. For HP-UX 10.20, HP recommend the use of dynamic buffer cache. ==== Programs and Kernel Parameters ==== A pr
SD/UX Corrupt Index: 2 Hits
===== A list of what products are installed under HP-UX is kept in /var/adm/sw/products/INDEX</b> . I... thod (sent in by Charlie Brown and tested against HP-UX 11.00) follows. This method involves creating
Linux Index: 2 Hits
uts|Useful shell history shortcuts]] * [[hp-system-manager-config|Setting up HPE System Manag... * [[hponcfg|Using hponcfg to configure the HP ILO - RHEL]] * [[gmail-relay|Setting up
Archived Procedures: 2 Hits
* [[recovery|Linux Recovery]] * [[autoraid|HP-UX Autoraid procedures]] * [[x25_info|HP-UX - X25]] * [[netscape_fastrack|Setting up a Netsca
fbackup return codes: 2 Hits
==== fbackup return codes ===== Valid for patched HP-UX 10.20 systems and HP-UX 11 upwards * 0 - normal completion * 1 - if it has been interrupte
Disk striping with LVM: 2 Hits
ch disk storing every third block of data. Under HP-UX 10.x, the stripe size can be 4,8,16,32 or 64Kb. Under HP-UX 11.x it can be betweeen 4 - 32768 so long as t
Cisco MDS SAN switches: 2 Hits
signed). Each VSAN gets a domain ID. For AIX and HP-UX, static assignement should be used i,e. persis... _ID, 0x_ID is preferable but some links, e.g.for HP EVA, require S_ID, D_ID . ====Some useful Comman
SD/UX Patch Management - HP-UX 11: 2 Hits
eupon twitter~~ ===== SD/UX Patch Management - HP-UX 11 ===== swlist -l patch \*.\*,c=patch li... re details see /usr/share/doc/patch_pgrm.txt on a HP-UX 11 server. <alert type="warning" icon="fa
Building the kernel - HP-UX 11.x: 1 Hits
Building the kernel - HP-UX 10.x: 1 Hits
Disk Naming Conventions - HP-UX 10 onwards: 1 Hits
Sybase basics: 1 Hits
Useful Linux Storage stuff: 1 Hits
Mirroring Linux Disks (LVM and mdadm): 1 Hits
HP EVA: 1 Hits
Information about your HP-UX server: 1 Hits
Instance Numbers: 1 Hits
UNIX95 and the ps command: 1 Hits
Welcome!: 1 Hits
X25 under HP-UX: 1 Hits
Security Index: 1 Hits
sidebar: 1 Hits
HP Autoraid commands: 1 Hits
HP Autoraid commands: 1 Hits
ACLs: 1 Hits
X25 under HP-UX: 1 Hits
HP Boot Process: 1 Hits
Wiping a Disk: 1 Hits
swpackage: 1 Hits
Booting into maintenance mode: 1 Hits
Memory Management - HP-UX: 1 Hits