• domainname - shows domain
  • niscat -o domainname - shows master and replicas
  • /var/nis/data - standard location for NIS data, directory names correspond to table names
  • niscat -o tablename.domainname - will show the fields that make up the table
  • nismatch -h fieldname=name tablename.domainname - will show a single table entry
  • niscat -A tablename.domainname - shows all entries in a table
  • nistbladm -a name=username uid=uid_number gid=gid_number gcos=“Full name of user” home=/home/userid shell=/usr/bin/ksh passwd.org_dir.domainname - an exampe of updating a table
  • nisaddcred -p uid -P name.domainname local and nisaddcred -p unix.uid@domainname -P name.domainname des - adds credentials for a user
  • nispasswd name - change/set a password
  • nistbladm -r [field1=value1,field2=value2,field3=value3],tablename.domainname - removes a table entry

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