1. Get the sources for apache, mod_ssl, mod_perl, openssl and mm and copy
    them to one common directory e.g /home/my_home_dir.
 2. Compile OpenSSL as follows:
       1. cd where-you-downloaded-source/openssl-version
       2. sh config no-idea -FPIC
       3. make
       4. make test
 3. Compile mm as follows:
       1. cd where-you-downloaded-source/mm-version
       2. ./configure --disable-shared
       3. make
 4. Compile mod_ssl as follows:
       1. cd where-you-downloaded-source/mod_ssl-version
       2. ./configure --with-apache=../apache-version
 5. Compile mod_perl as follows:
       1. cd where-you-downloaded-source/mod_perl-version
       2. perl Makefile.PL EVERYTHING=1 APACHE_SRC=../apache-version/src
       3. make
       4. make install
 6. Compile apache as follows:
       1. cd where-you-downloaded-source/apache-version
       2. SSL_BASE=../openssl-version EAPI_MM=../mm-version ./configure --
          enable-module=so --enable-module=ssl --activate-module=src/modules/
          perl/libperl.a --enable-module=perl --prefix=/usr/local/apache
       3. make
       4. make certificate (if required)
       5. make install

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