www.twinboys.co.uk - Website for a Thai restaurant. Nice features include menu database allowing menu to be interactively built from the database. This can then be used by both the standard version of the website and the mobile version as well as the EPOS system. One change updates all. Other features include javascript based slide show and secure contact page.

m.twinboys.co.uk - version of the website designed for smart phones. The same database is used to build the menu.

www.photos2portraits.co.uk - a website to request portraits drawn from photos. Features include integration with dropbox for uploading photos, paypal integration, javascript based slide show and secure contact page.

php based epos system - based on an old edition of phppointofsale when it was freely available, customised for restaurant use and useable on commodity hardware making it an affordable system for small restaurants

And of course, this wiki ;-)