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Unix Networking Index: 8 Hits
ss]] * [[deny_access|denying access]] * [[dns_overview|DNS Overview]] * [[dynamic_dns|Dynamic DNS]] * [[domain_reg|Domain name registration]] * [[http_smtp_problems|HTTP and SMTP t
Reverse DNS: 5 Hits
googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ ===== Reverse DNS ===== 1. Information about reverse DNS is in the RIPE database ( 2. To query information about reverse DNS use: 1. nslookup 2. server serv... each name server. ==== Changing a primary reverse DNS record to a secondary (primary moving) ==== 1.
Dynamic DNS: 4 Hits
googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ ===== Dynamic DNS ===== The **nsupdate** command can be used to update dynamic DNS zones, e.g. <code> #nsupdate > update add server... o the nsupdate command, e.g. <code> cat /var/tmp/dns.out server update add server01.justs... .uk 3600 A send nsupdate -g /var/tmp/dns.out </code> <alert type="warning" icon="fa f
Puppet Basics: 4 Hits
general/ntp_probs) 2) **Update /etc/hosts and/or DNS and add puppet** localhost MicroServ... *Add address of puppet master **to /etc/hosts (or DNS) microserver puppet 4. **Make ... :51:33:67:1A:53:38:02:D0:F9:01:C8:B2 (alt names: "DNS:puppet", "DNS:microserver") + "x220-laptop" (SHA256) CE:8F:8D:16:24:25:F8:2F:D6:31:6E:7B:BE:AE:0F:5
Running a Glype Proxy in Docker: 4 Hits
into /var/www/htdocs on your server 2. Create a DNS entry for server (I used the [[ ]] service) 3. Update **/etc/hosts** adding your DNS, e.g. localhost MicroServer m... rt docker (devicemapper part): DOCKER_OPTS="--dns --dns -s devicemapper" **Note 2:** Centos/RedHat is already based on devicemapper for
DNS Overview: 3 Hits
reddit googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ ===== DNS Overview ===== ==== Defintions ==== * **Domain... local system. It is required for every box using DNS and if it is removed, DNS will be disabled.e.g. <code> domain namesever nameserv
Useful yum Commands: 3 Hits
: the libresolv library performed dual A/AAAA DNS : queries. A remote attacker could create a : specially crafted DNS response which could cause : libresol... en : libresolv is called from the nss_dns NSS service : module. (CVE-2015-7547)
Secondary DNS: 2 Hits
ogleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ ===== Secondary DNS ===== If a secondary domainname server entry is r... nameserver is required in the domain entry in the DNS database file. e.g. >IN NS and >n
Services and Ports: 2 Hits
r> <tr><td>whois</td><td>43/tcp</td></tr> <tr><td>dns-lookup</td><td>53/udp</td></tr> <tr><td>dns-zone</td><td>53/tcp</td></tr> <tr><td>tftp</td><td>69/udp<
NetApp - Implementing Snaplock Compliance in a vfiler: 2 Hits
inistration host: Do you want to run DNS resolver? [n]: y Please enter DNS domain name []: us.icaFri May 6 08:34:38 EDT [comp_worm_vfiler@FI
Electronic Mail Overview: 1 Hits
the mail exchange server. During the transfer a DNS lookup is triggered. This finds the mail exchange
Debugging Sendmail Problems: 1 Hits
his can be caused by sendmail not recognising the DNS domain. e.g. if the host is improperly defined in
AWS - EC2: 1 Hits
health checking. ELBs can only be accessed via a DNS name, IP addresses are never supplied. ====Roles
The New Features of RedHat 7: 1 Hits
nt bacula bacula-client dhcp dhcpv6 dhcpv6-client dns ftp high-availability http https imaps ipp ip
AWS - Route53: 1 Hits
Basic Apache Directives: 1 Hits
AWS - A Glossary of Services: 1 Hits
AWS - RDS DBs: 1 Hits
Netbackup Overview: 1 Hits
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