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Changing your Linux Boot Diskette Image: 7 Hits
itrd; gzip -dc modules/modules.cgz > /tmp/modules.cpio 7. mkdir /tmp/Modules; cd /tmp/Modules 8. The modules file is actually a cpio image so you need to extract this to add more modules, cpio -idumv < /tmp/modules.cpio 9. Copy your extract modules into /tmp/Modules (NOTE: At this point y
Changing your Linux Boot Image (initrd): 4 Hits
itrd.tmp 4. The uncompressed file is actually a cpio image so you need to extract this , cpio -idumv < initrd.tmp 5. You can now view the contents... can now be updated as required 7. Recreate the CPIO image, find . | cpio -ov > new-initrd.img 8. Compress the image, gzip -S new-initrd.img 9. cp new-i
Moving filesystems with cpio: 2 Hits
bleupon twitter~~ =====Moving filesystems with cpio===== - Create new filesystem and mount using a... ount point - cd //old_filesystem// - find . | cpio -dumpv //new_filesystem// - umount new filesyst
NCR Unix Notes: 1 Hits
- slice * mkfs - setting up filesystems * cpio - backup utility often used ==== Other Info ====
Mirroring Linux Disks (LVM and mdadm): 1 Hits
dev/md/Microserver:0 /mnt cd /boot find . | cpio -dumpv /mnt 11. Update /etc/fstab changing the /
Initramfs, initrd and kdump: 1 Hits
at when it's loaded by the kernel at boot time, a cpio archive is read into memory via tmpfs rather than
HP-UX Index: 1 Hits
wap under LVM]] * Miscellaneous * [[cpio_filesystem|Copying filesystems]] * [[fb
Running a Glype Proxy in Docker: 1 Hits
archive failed on file /usr/sbin/suexec;573c37c5: cpio: cap_set_file The bug is with the underlying ser