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Sun Cluster 3.0 info: 21 Hits
ddit googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ =====Sun Cluster 3.0 info===== ====Displaying cluster info==== * **scinstall -pv** - Display release and version number... play resource group info * **scstat** - Display cluster status * **scconf -p** - Display cluster configuration * **sccheck** - Check global mount points (noth
Files used by Service Guard: 6 Hits
ed by Service Guard ===== * **/etc/cmcluster/cluster_config.ascii** - cluster configuration file. Edit then compile. It controls the cluster name, cluster lock volume, nodes (and their ipaddresses) in the cluster and volume groups controlled by cl
Service Guard Commands: 3 Hits
ommands ===== * **cmruncl -v** - start entire cluster * **cmhaltcl** - stop entire cluster * **cmviewcl** - check status of cluster * **cmrunnode -v nodename** - start a single node * *
Setting up Service Guard: 3 Hits
p /etc/cmcluster/cmclnodelist to include nodes in cluster 2. Check kernel parameters on nodes are consis... (this shouldn't include root VG) 11. Create cluster config file using cmquerycl 12. Edit file creat... must be defined in DNS or /etc/hosts 22. Check cluster with cmruncl, cmviewcl and cmhaltcl 23. Edit /e
Solaris Index: 2 Hits
seq|The Solaris Boot Sequence]] * [[sun_cluster|Sun Cluster Information]] * [[linux:shell_shortcuts|Useful shell history shortcuts]] *
USP/USP-V Basic Architecture: 2 Hits
CSW is required at 1J/2V The USP-V is split into Cluster 1 (front) and Cluster 2 (back). These contain 16 or 8 port CHAs. The port numbers are as follows: ^CL1
Adding a Logical Volume to a Service Guard Cluster: 1 Hits
===== Adding a Logical Volume to a Service Guard Cluster ===== 1. Create the LV as normal on the active
The New Features of RedHat 7: 1 Hits
0 [OK] alino/coreos-mongodb-cluster mongo 3.0
Solaris Jumpstart: 1 Hits
n specifies the disk layout, which software cluster to use ,etc 6. The rules.OK is checked again f
HP-UX Index: 1 Hits
_addlv|Adding a logical volume to a Service Guard cluster]] * [[service_guard_setup|An outline fo
Solaris NAFO Commands: 1 Hits
for NICs on Solaris servers. It's part of the Sun Cluster software. The main commands are: pnmstat -l
Dynamic Reconfiguration on Sun F15K: 1 Hits
d to another board. (NOTE: On systems running Sun Cluster 3, boards with permanent memory allocated to them