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chkconfig: 10 Hits
n reddit googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ =====chkconfig===== **chkconfig** is used to ensure services restart when a server is rebooted * **chkconfig --list** lists the status of the services (on or off) * **chkconfig --level 3 SERVICE on** will ensure service SERVIC
The New Features of RedHat 7: 5 Hits
fferent. - gone: /etc/init.d scripts, service, chkconfig and runlevels (still available for compatibility... ncies systemctl enable/disable does the job of chkconfig. e.g. * chkconfig sshd on - systemctl enable sshd.service * chkconfig sshd off - systemctl disable sshd.service * chkconfi
IRIX Notes: 3 Hits
oring tool (GUI version called gr_osview) * **chkconfig** - reviewing the daemons that starts by runlevel... etmask and IP info from ifconfig) 2. run chkconfig 3. - if ipaliases not shown do chkconfig -f iplaliases on 4. run /etc/init.d/aliases_ip 5. check w
Linux Index: 2 Hits
in_bootseq|The linux boot sequence]] * [[chkconfig|chkconfig]] * [[grub_recovery|Recovering from grub issues - LVM & mdadm]] * [[initramfs_an
Useful Linux Storage stuff: 1 Hits
path -v2** (this checks the configuration) - **chkconfig multipathd on** - to ensure multipathing starts o