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Formatting Syntax: 10 Hits
ay use when editing the pages. Simply have a look at the source of this page by pressing "Edit this pa... Note that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespace... te that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespa... g line in ''conf/lang/en/lang.php'' (more details at [[doku>localization#changing_some_localized_texts
at command: 8 Hits
n reddit googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ =====at command===== The at command uses the following syntax <code> at HH:MM MMDDYY >command to run >CTRL+D </code> e.g. <code> at 06:45 091014 >/bin/ks > /var/tmp/ls.out >CTRL+D <
The New Features of RedHat 7: 7 Hits
/etc/systemd/system** sub-directory. e.g. looking at sshd /usr/lib/systemd/system/sshd.service has th... be used to shutdown the server e.g. to shutdown at a certain time: **shutdown --poweroff hh:mm** s... b2-mkconfig** command To boot into rescue mode, at the GRUB 2 boot screen, press e (for edit) and ad... A bespoke service that doesn't do anything useful at all</description> <port protocol="udp" port=
Puppet Basics: 6 Hits
. By default it's 2GB but I'm just messing around at home so I'm going to change it to 512MB vi /et... -2721us[-5314us] +/- 85ms ^* 2 8 37 183 -4194us[-6787us] ... file Puppet::SSL::CertificateRequest x220-laptop at '/etc/puppetlabs/puppet/ssl/ca/requests/x220-lapt... :7F:84:92:3D:11:90:C0:E2:E2:1B:E1:E1:78:3C:2C:2E At this point the agent is ready to connect to the p
NetApp - Implementing Snaplock Compliance in a vfiler: 4 Hits
, drops (link) 0 indication: up at 11Mar2016 04:11:58 cons... drops (link) 0 indication: down at 11Mar2016 04:11:58 cons... iler from a Windows(R) system. Use "?" for help at any prompt and Ctrl-C to exit without committing ... by running ntpq -pn from a server and pointing it at your filer [root@aserver01p ~]# ntpq -pn FILER
AWS - S3: 4 Hits
====Versioning==== Versioning can be turned on at the bucket level, however, once it's enabled it c... set up for data intransit (using SSL/TLS) and/or at rest. For encryption for data at rest, this can be done on the **server side** using the following op... il * SSE-C - customer provided keys Encrption at rest can also be provided on the client side, i.e
The Linux Boot Sequence: 3 Hits
booting o Reads the configuration file at every boot so there's no need to rewr... according to the run level specified. e.g. At runlevel 5 , the start scripts in /etc/rc.d/ ... so normally lists some gettyprograms to run and , at run level 5, /etc/X11/prefdm. <alert typ
Open Boot: 3 Hits
d@3,0:a This means disk partition a on scsi disk at target 3, logical unit 0 on the esp device at slot 0, offset 40000 which is connected to sbus (system bus) at slot 1 offset f8000000 ==== Device Aliases ==== T
Switching into single user mode: 3 Hits
e machine is already running use: init -s (or -S) At boot time do the following: 1. reboot system ... thin 10 seconds 3. boot from normal path 4. At interact with ISL enter Y 5. At ISL prompt enter: hpux -is (;0)/stand/vmunix (although hpux -is wi
Just Some Stuff: 3 Hits
dex|Unix and Storage Wiki]]**// You have arrived at the start. The start of Just Some Stuff. Here you... i]]** previously published by Intronet Computers at the original website. You'll fi... page! I don't know about you but whenever I look at web sites based around web development, they're e
How did we get here: 3 Hits
. What if he lost the note book or simply left it at home and needed a procedure from it. The admin h... can still find a mirror of that original website at e website under the name of his own company that, at the time was the company that he provided unix c
Some modem basics: 3 Hits
though 8 bit is more common. Serial data - 1 bit at a time Parallel data- one byte at a time Internal data bus typically exists of eight wires, each ca... only 2 wires, data has to be transmitted one bit at a time, i.e serially Aync- use stop and start pa
Configuring a LAN Card with system-config-network (RedHat): 2 Hits
d with system-config-network (RedHat) ===== 1. at the command line type system-config-network 2.... p- address netmask 255.netmask gw gateway-ipaddr At this point you can perform a reboot to restart th
Formatting a disk: 2 Hits
2. Enter format device_id e.g. format sd2 3. at prompt format> type 4. Select type or select o... gives current details) 7. when complete, at prompt partition> label 8. prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/d
Rebuilding the Linux Kernel: 2 Hits
Solaris Devices: 2 Hits
chkconfig: 2 Hits
Cloning a system: 2 Hits
DNS Overview: 2 Hits
Running a Glype Proxy in Docker: 2 Hits
TCP/IP Overview: 2 Hits
DG/UX Notes: 2 Hits
Changing your Linux Boot Diskette Image: 2 Hits
Adding a binary module to an existing build: 2 Hits
Linux Recovery: 2 Hits
DokuWiki: 2 Hits
Memory Management - HP-UX: 2 Hits
Cisco MDS SAN switches: 2 Hits
General Unix Index: 2 Hits
Linux Index: 2 Hits
Changing the dump area: 2 Hits
Welcome to your new DokuWiki: 2 Hits
Configuring a LAN Card with linuxconf: 2 Hits
Solaris Fingerprint Database: 2 Hits
Solaris Fingerprint Database: 2 Hits
Linux Recovery: 2 Hits
Instance Numbers: 2 Hits
Sendmail Basics: 1 Hits
Showing memory utilisation: 1 Hits
Initramfs, initrd and kdump: 1 Hits
Regular Expressions - Meta Character Summary: 1 Hits
Clearing a fault message - Oracle ODA: 1 Hits
IRIX Notes: 1 Hits
Finding deleted files still using disk space: 1 Hits
Sybase basics: 1 Hits
Expanding LUNs under Linux (LVM): 1 Hits
Working out maximum length of a string: 1 Hits
Working out hardware path for G/H class: 1 Hits
Usage Example in scripts: 1 Hits
Setting up HPE System Manager on Linux: 1 Hits
Configuring gmail as a mail relay with two factor authentication - Ubuntu: 1 Hits
USP/USP-V Basic Architecture: 1 Hits
Mirroring Linux Disks (LVM and mdadm): 1 Hits
Legacy Sun Disk Arrays ( 3510 - 6120 - 2540 - 6140 - A1000 ): 1 Hits
/etc/shadow, password entries and user ids: 1 Hits
IPSEC under Solaris: 1 Hits
Automount Facility: 1 Hits
Dokuwiki Stuff...: 1 Hits
Ingres: 1 Hits
Wordpress Stuff...: 1 Hits
Tips for installing Linux on a laptop: 1 Hits
The Solaris Boot Sequence: 1 Hits
Fixing problems with root disk: 1 Hits
Some Oracle Basics: 1 Hits
Tripwire: 1 Hits
Tips for installing Linux on a laptop: 1 Hits
AWS - RDS DBs: 1 Hits
Useful yum Commands: 1 Hits
Cron Tricks: 1 Hits
Wordpress Security: 1 Hits
Solaris Terminal Handling: 1 Hits
Disksuite: 1 Hits
Using Omniback Commands: 1 Hits
Creating a bonded interface - RHEL: 1 Hits
Moving filesystems with cpio: 1 Hits
Resizing filesystems without Online JFS: 1 Hits
Ignite/UX Information: 1 Hits
Rebuilding kernel with HP-UX 9: 1 Hits
Some useful awk scripts: 1 Hits
News Services: 1 Hits
Storageworks disks: 1 Hits
Solaris Jumpstart: 1 Hits
LSM and disks: 1 Hits
Booting from cdrom: 1 Hits
Creating a mksysb tape: 1 Hits
Information about your HP-UX server: 1 Hits