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Useful yum Commands: 80 Hits
oot@server $ rpm -q kernel kernel-2.6.32-220.2.1.el6.i686 kernel-2.6.32-220.4.1.el6.i686 kernel-2.6.32-220.4.2.el6.i686 kernel-2.6.32-220.7.1.el6.i686 root@machine $ package-cleanup --... | grep yum-plugin-security yum-plugin-security-1.1.30-14.el6.noarch Check for critical security u
Checking for critical security updates - RHEL: 75 Hits
| grep yum-plugin-security yum-plugin-security-1.1.30-14.el6.noarch Check for critical security updates # yum --security --sec-severity=Critical c... 18431/18431 Limiting package lists to security r
The New Features of RedHat 7: 47 Hits
shd - systemctl status sshd.service e.g. ip-10-51-72-53:root> #systemctl status sshd sshd.service - OpenSSH server daemon Loaded: loaded (/u... enabled) Active: active (running) since Thu 2016-02-18 14:05:44 GMT; 32min ago Main PID: 923 (sshd) CGroup: /system.slice/sshd.service
Puppet Basics: 41 Hits
log]] ===Installing Puppet=== ==Prerequsites== 1. **Set up NTP** Accurate time is required becaus... stall and configure NTP ntpdate 12 Apr 13:18:44 ntpdate[23034]: step time server offset -27.955391 sec apt-get update && apt
Buidling a Solaris Package: 33 Hits
e consisting of the just the desired software. 1. Create a pkginfo file, e.g. PKG=OpenSSL ... n/man1 f none /usr/local/ssl/man/man1/ 0640 root other f none /usr/local/ssl/man/man1/asn1parse.1 0640 root other f none /usr/local/ssl/man/man1/ca.1 0640 root other f none /usr/local/ssl/man/m
Formatting Syntax: 32 Hits
w) like this: [[|{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}}]] [[|{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}}]] Please note: The image formatting is the on... Real size: {{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}} Resize to given width: {{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png?50}} Resize to given width and height((whe
Disksuite: 30 Hits
Disksuite ===== ==== Installing Disksuite ==== 1. Insert disksuite cdrom and cd /cdrom/disksuite_v... n each disk. If three disks are available, create 1 on each disk. It is not normally necessary to spr... the metadatabases over more than three disks. 1. create small partitions (around 3mb) on your dis... wo disks specified. ==== Mirroring Disks - Method 1, command line based ==== The disk which is to be
Subnetting: 29 Hits
ask|meaning | | A | | | 16,581,374 host addresses available | | B || | 65,024
NetApp - Implementing Snaplock Compliance in a vfiler: 23 Hits
fgrp create compIFGRP e0e e0f FILER02P> Fri Mar 11 04:11:58 EST [FILER02P:pvif.switchLink:warning]: compIFGRP: switching to e0e FILER02P> ifgrp status
Netbackup Overview: 19 Hits
figuration steps ==== Server Install (Solaris) 1. Insert CD 2. cd /cdrom_path;pkgadd -d . SUNWm... the Netbackup media Device/tape configuration 1. Configure drives using tpconfig 1. Add robot (if applicable) 2. Add tape drive 2. Add tape volumes using vmadm 1. Add new volume pool 2. Add volumes to p
Running a Glype Proxy in Docker: 17 Hits
ype Proxy in Docker===== ====Prerequisities==== 1. Install [[|glype]] into /va... . Update **/etc/hosts** adding your DNS, e.g. localhost MicroServer puppet **NOTE 1:** For Ubuntu 14.04 based disties there's a bug i
Wordpress Stuff...: 15 Hits
uthor URI: Version: 1.1.5 Description: Child theme for a Personal blogging wordpress theme, made with Yahoo's Pure CSS.... ained the following: ./fonts ./fonts/Lobster_1.3.otf ./fonts/Lobster_1.3.woff ./fonts/Lobster_1.3.svg ./fonts/Lobster_1.3.ttf ./fonts/Lobst
Automating AWS builds with cloud-init: 14 Hits
be adapted to other linux distributions. ===Step 1 - set up the AWS CLI=== I've used the Linux base... his procedure. Thic can be set up as follows: 1. Download zipped bundle (from link on http://docs... as set up Default region name [None]: eu-west-1 Default output format [None]: ENTER NOTE: us... tandards. One way of doing this is as follows: 1. Build a VMware VM using your standard build proc
Sendmail Basics: 14 Hits
and what their purpose is. <html> <table border="1"> <tr> <td><b>V</b></td> <td>version, required to... lor="#006400">V10</font></b> - sy ntax is version 10 so all version 10 features are enabled</td> </tr> <tr> <td><b>M</b></td> <td>The mail delivery agen... 00">Mlocal, P=/usr/bin/mail, F=lsDFMAw5:/l@rmn, S=10, R= 20/40</font></b></p> - which actually means
Dokuwiki Stuff...: 11 Hits
Some useful awk scripts: 11 Hits
Manually Configuring PPP: 10 Hits
Manually Configuring PPP: 10 Hits
Compiling Apache with mod_ssl, mod_perl & DSO: 10 Hits
Initramfs, initrd and kdump: 9 Hits
Linux Binaries and Libraries: 9 Hits
Using hdvmcli to allocate and delete LUNs - XP24000/P9500/USP-V/VSP: 8 Hits
Showing which CPU a process is using: 7 Hits
3PAR Remote Copy Failover using the CLI: 7 Hits
Useful Linux Storage stuff: 7 Hits
Mapping a LEDV to a Host Group using hdvmcli - USPV/VSP/XP24000: 7 Hits
Solaris Jumpstart: 6 Hits
News Services: 6 Hits
Usage Example in scripts: 6 Hits
Setting up HPE System Manager on Linux: 6 Hits
IPSEC under Solaris: 6 Hits
Creating a bonded interface - RHEL: 5 Hits
Dynamic Reconfiguration on Sun F15K: 5 Hits
Clearing a fault message - Oracle ODA: 5 Hits
Omniback Overview: 5 Hits
Perl Tips: 5 Hits
Creating ODS Metadatabases within a Filesystem: 5 Hits
Debugging Sendmail Problems: 4 Hits
Resizing swap - smaller: 4 Hits
Adding new disks to a NetApp Filer: 4 Hits
Mirroring Linux Disks (LVM and mdadm): 4 Hits
Cisco MDS SAN switches: 4 Hits
AdvFS: 4 Hits
Recovering Omniback: 4 Hits
Reverse DNS: 4 Hits
USP/USP-V Basic Architecture: 3 Hits
LSM and disks: 3 Hits
DNS Overview: 3 Hits
Conserver: 3 Hits
NIS stuff: 3 Hits
Reading a disk label: 3 Hits
Registering a Domain Name: 3 Hits
The Solaris Boot Sequence: 3 Hits
RedHat Satellite - Adding repos: 3 Hits
Rebuilding the Linux Kernel: 3 Hits
Finding deleted files still using disk space: 3 Hits
Mirroring the root disk with LVM: 3 Hits
Some Oracle Basics: 3 Hits
Kernel Parameters: 3 Hits
Puppet - debuging manifest errors: 3 Hits
Sybase basics: 3 Hits
Working with YUM repos: 3 Hits
Solaris Paging and Memory Management: 3 Hits
Samba Configuration Guidelines: 3 Hits
Sun Cluster 3.0 info: 3 Hits
Adding a NIC: 3 Hits
Open Boot: 3 Hits
/etc/shadow, password entries and user ids: 2 Hits
Dealing with LVM problems: 2 Hits
Adding a Logical Volume to a Service Guard Cluster: 2 Hits
Creating a new filesystem from scratch: 2 Hits
Mirroring disks with LVM: 2 Hits
Moving LVM disk: 2 Hits
SD/UX Corrupt Index: 2 Hits
Creating a NFS mount point: 2 Hits
Problems with swinstall hanging: 2 Hits
Assigning two IP addresses to one card: 2 Hits
Using Omniback Commands: 2 Hits
Setting up swap: 2 Hits
swpackage: 2 Hits
Built in variables: 2 Hits
The Linux Boot Sequence: 2 Hits
Configuring a ZIP Plus 250Mb drive: 2 Hits
Cloning a system: 2 Hits
Solaris Terminal Handling: 2 Hits
Installing modSSL with Solaris distributed Apache: 2 Hits
Changing your Linux Boot Diskette Image: 2 Hits
Configuring a LAN Card with linuxconf: 2 Hits
fsck and controlling when they take place: 2 Hits
Configuring a ZIP Plus 250Mb drive: 2 Hits
NTP Troubleshooting: 2 Hits
Concatenating variables together in a script: 2 Hits
Working out maximum length of a string: 2 Hits
Configuring a LAN Card with system-config-network (RedHat): 2 Hits
Configuring IP Multipathing: 2 Hits
Storageworks disks: 2 Hits
DG/UX Notes: 2 Hits
Setting the Network Interface speed under Solaris: 2 Hits
Controlling Swap Space under AIX: 2 Hits
Logical Volume Manager: 2 Hits
Creating a mksysb tape: 2 Hits
Solaris webstart: 2 Hits
let and typeset: 2 Hits
Finding files newer than a specified date: 2 Hits
IRIX Notes: 2 Hits
Solaris Devices: 2 Hits
evaperf tips: 1 Hits
Puppet - clearing invalid certificates: 1 Hits
Linux LVM Tips: 1 Hits
Useful NetApp Commands: 1 Hits
AWS - RDS DBs: 1 Hits
Ignite/UX Information: 1 Hits
Reinstalling device files: 1 Hits
Disk Naming Conventions - HP-UX 10 onwards: 1 Hits
Expanding LUNs under Linux (LVM): 1 Hits
Changing your Linux Boot Image (initrd): 1 Hits
Denying Access with the route command: 1 Hits
Mounting a Windows Share: 1 Hits
Tar Tips: 1 Hits
Basic Apache Directives: 1 Hits
Removing DOS characters using vi: 1 Hits
ITO - Creating Templates: 1 Hits
Replacing NIC cards- RHEL/CENTOS: 1 Hits
X11 Stuff: 1 Hits
SSH Tunneling through a Gateway: 1 Hits
Configuring gmail as a mail relay with two factor authentication - Ubuntu: 1 Hits
Formatting a disk: 1 Hits
NCR Unix Notes: 1 Hits
chkconfig: 1 Hits
ACLs: 1 Hits
Copying terminfo entries to other platforms: 1 Hits
Setting up RBAC Manually: 1 Hits
Solaris Live Dump: 1 Hits
Checking System Crash Dumps: 1 Hits
Performance Analysis with the SE Toolkit: 1 Hits
Terminal Reset Problems: 1 Hits
Changing a SMF service: 1 Hits
Adding disks to Solaris without rebooting: 1 Hits
Updating Kernel Tuning Parameters - Solaris 10: 1 Hits
Resizing Disksuite Partitions: 1 Hits
Voulme Manager Problems: 1 Hits
Solaris Resource Manager: 1 Hits
Veritas Voulme Manager Tips (VXVM): 1 Hits
Fixing problems with root disk: 1 Hits
HDS USP - Splitting LUSE volumes back to standard LDEVs: 1 Hits
SSH Public Key Authentication: 1 Hits
MySQL Basics: 1 Hits
Tripwire: 1 Hits
Tips for installing Linux on a laptop: 1 Hits
Setting Up A Netscape Fastrack Server: 1 Hits
Linux Recovery: 1 Hits
Ingres: 1 Hits
Solaris Fingerprint Database: 1 Hits
Expanding LUNs with raidvchkset - XP24000/P9500/USP-V/VSP: 1 Hits
USP-V/XP Thresholds: 1 Hits
Tips for installing Linux on a laptop: 1 Hits
Linux Recovery: 1 Hits
Setting Up A Netscape Fastrack Server: 1 Hits
Rebuilding the Kernel: 1 Hits
Running a Graphical terminal and a dumb terminal simultaneously on Solaris: 1 Hits
Perfview Information: 1 Hits
Wiping a Disk: 1 Hits
Setting up Service Guard: 1 Hits
Checking for disk problems: 1 Hits
Removing ghost users: 1 Hits
Extracting Information from Core Dumps: 1 Hits
Switching into single user mode: 1 Hits
Online JFS: 1 Hits
Building the kernel - HP-UX 11.x: 1 Hits
Building the kernel - HP-UX 10.x: 1 Hits
Changing the dump area: 1 Hits
fbackup return codes: 1 Hits
HP Boot Process: 1 Hits
Adding a Driver to the Kernel Source: 1 Hits
Creating swap space: 1 Hits
Booting from cdrom: 1 Hits
nslookup: 1 Hits
Dynamically loadable kernel modules: 1 Hits
Applying patches: 1 Hits
Including interactive code in scripts: 1 Hits
Reading input with csh: 1 Hits
Some modem basics: 1 Hits
HTTP/SMTP Troubleshooting: 1 Hits
Solaris Fingerprint Database: 1 Hits
Rebuilding a corrupt RPM database: 1 Hits
Recovering from grub issues: 1 Hits
Setting up a ufw firewall: 1 Hits
How the connection process works: 1 Hits
Rebuilding kernel with HP-UX 9: 1 Hits